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Anyone else experiencing high latency on the forum?

For the past few minutes the forums have been taking extra long to load. I'm not sure what is going on. Sometimes Duolingo even redirects me to an Error 500 page saying that it is unavailable right now. Is there maintenance going on for the forums to be this slow? Or is it just me?

December 15, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I just got an email saying it was resolved.


    Me too, just checked this and this (<--Duo's own, apparently, shows back to normal now) sites and yeah, it's happening... Noticed it happens roughly once a month lately, too.


    It happened to me as well, don't worry. It's stopped though now :D


    Something is wrong. I practised but I didn't get any point?


    I did as well but it just takes longer to load


    I did it just came back.


    I have completed a new Chinese skill already six times, and each time, when I finish the whole skill, it reverts to the previous state, as if I hadn't done any lesson inside this skill.

    Kind of frustrating....(it does not allow me to go on with the course).


    Occasionally, yeah.


    I thought it was due to us getting the Christmas section but no, still no Christmas in sight :p

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