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Confused about level of fluency.

Yesterday I was 68% fluent in both French and German Today Duo tells me my level is 67%. Has anyone else experienced this apparent regression in their Duolingo studies???.

December 15, 2017



Do a little research first. You'll find that this is common, and that the "fluency" number is meaningless and doesn't reflect much of anything. Also realize that there's no meaningful statistical difference between 67 and 68%.


Yes, after being at 71% for weeks it recently dropped me back 1%. It wasn't due to inactivity, because I had increased my pace. Also, when I was at 71% on my iPad and I would log on with my phone or on my desktop server, I was at 70%. I have decided to ignore that number and go on.


Yes, this is rather common. I attribute the reason to the following. There are a ton of topics in the language tree. Surely you do not practise ALL of them everyday, right? So, since some topics and vocabulary aren't being practised, it leaves a high chance of them being forgotten or it leaves one a chance of being less fluent when using or remembering the words.

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I've been going from 62% to 63% and back again for a couple of weeks. It means nothing.


I had same problem at 37, 38 %. It's just a number. I think it's because of inactivity or less point's you make on given day. Besides, I think this portal is not enough to learn a language. I got myself a pack of book's and cd's for learning German.

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