"Školu jsem skončil úspěšně."

Translation:I have finished school successfully.

December 15, 2017

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I'd just point out that "I have finished THE school successfully" is not a good translation, especially if it's the main translation.

I could imagine it if, say, you were painting the school building and you finished painting it the way it should have been done. But a native speaker, at least in the US, would almost certainly say, "I have finished school successfully."


I agree with this. One would definitely not say "I have finished the school" unless you were say, building a school.


I changed the main translation.


Why not "I have successfully finished school."?


"I have successfully finished school" is accepted. But there is a report in the system, which came in at the same time as your post, for "I WAS successfully finished school." If that was yours, you can see why it was rejected.


Got it. Thanks!


I finished school successfully is the same thought without the "have" Both statements are in the past tense.


And what do you know, "I finished school successfully" is and has been accepted.

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