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Is music important?

I keep hearing that music is really good for language learning, because. I was wondering if there is an alternative(for lack of a better word), or if it isn't necessary, so much as it is useful.

I hear in extreme cases of tone deafness singing sounds like screaming, and instruments like clanging pots and pans, surely they would still be able to learn languages. I personally dislike most music, I'm not tone deaf, and can actually stresses me out, and trigger anxiety.

Why is music beneficial anyway aside from immersion, like watching tv in your target language, or does it stimulate your brain or something, I hear listening to music helps you study.

December 15, 2017



In all honesty, while I love music I don't think it is absolutely essential for learning a language. I have a lot of music in my target languages and I don't really learn anything from it because I just sing along to it without really paying attention to what I'm saying or what any of it means. I just like the beat of the music. I think it does help you learn to catch the words and help with how people pronounce words differently but this can also be learned from watching movies/tv. I have to force myself to pay attention to catch the meaning of a song because I will just tone it out or absentmindedly sing along.


Optional. The reason so may people recommend it is that it gives you a "feel" for how the language really sounds.


Thank you Lleuyaven and Dcarl1 :) have a lingot.


Well, it's a way to connect with the culture of the target language, so that makes it easier, I guess an alternative from listening to music would be reading books of the target language, you can also expand your vocabulary that way. I'm currently reading French books, so far so good. :)


Music helping you study and listening to music in your target language are two completely different things. The latter is, of course, useful for listening how words are pronounced and can be a fun and engaging way to memorise large chunks of texts, which you might even apply in your own conversations. In this way, these songs help you with studying in your target language, in the sense that they are study material themselves.

On the other hand, when people say they listen to music to help them study, they are often referring to music without lyrics, as actually paying attention to what is sung can be distracting. Youtube is full of playlist with classical music and various kinds of EDM (House, Techno etc) with repetitive melodies that help you shut off the outside world, but aren't a distraction themselves.


I guess people would rather sing the language they are learning. I really have no idea. It is just a guess. I love music but I don’t listen to it whenever I am learning a language. I have never heard any one say that. I actually think it might distract you from learning because you get sucked into your music and don’t pay attention to what you’re learning.

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