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  5. "Chiede una domanda."


"Chiede una domanda."

March 16, 2013



I'm trying to equate the Italian I'm learning to Spanish, so here goes. The verb chiedere means to ask, but is there a separate verb to ask /for/ ( or better yet "request")? In Spanish, there's pedir and preguntar, are there equivalents in Italian?


"Pedir" is used almost only in the restaurant, in that case we use "ordinare". "bestellen" in German, if you are German...

In other cases, I think we tend to use "chiedere".

But I am too Italian to know. And I never remember when I should use "pedir" in Spanish.

We have the verb "richiedere" as well, but we use it for forms, official requests, burocratic stuff, things at work.

Sorry, maybe some English speaker can help you better. Or wordreference...


In case you have doubts on specific cases, please ask.


This wouldn't be the imperative form too?


we are told chiede means "he asks for" but here it is "he asks"


I wonder about that, too. I thought you had to 'fai' or 'poni' (I saw that in one answer box) una domanda. In a different exercise I used 'chiedere una domanda' and lost a heart because it didn't like that verb.


domandare is the verb to ask and chiedere to ask for

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