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Christmas Skill!

Hello all,

Duolingo has really helped me build my french (one year of this did more than 6 years in the Canadian school system did for me!) and I am really excited in the progress I've made.

With this season having lots of interesting traditions, and the general uselessness of lingots, I was trying to keep an eye out for the third bonus skill, which from what I've heard, was Christmas (only for the most popular courses mid you). Usually only being released seasonally. I was wondering if anyone knew if it would be released this year/when to snap it up, as it sounds like it comes and goes in the span of days.

If anyone knows anything please weigh in

Thanks Guys!

December 16, 2017



This question is being asked several times a day. No one really knows except to it has previously been release about mid December for a week or two. If you have an empty bonus skill slot open on your tree you just need to check the store every day to see if it is available. Assuming Santa Claus is not too busy or has not run out of Christmas Bonus skills, they should be delivered by Christmas Day.


Diciembre diecineuve y la aguinaido no ofrece! Que Barbaridad!! Yo pienso que es una declaracion politico? Tal vez!!


Never heard of this! Well quick search shows last year it was only avalible from about the 24th to the 30th of December, so maybe available then (I wonder if you have to go to the store or does it pop up on your tree as a purchase option).

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