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I have just published an extension for Chrome that allows you to learn Chinese in Traditional :)

A bit of a delayed post but I have written an extension for Chrome will allow you to use traditional characters you can download it here


Please let me know if it works for you or if you find any bugs,

Thanks loads for reading.

December 16, 2017



Is this extension not available anymore?


I installed the extension, and it seems to work nicely (I'll let you know of any bugs I find). Thank you very much. ^_^


I really appreciate it thank you.


Just installed it.

Does it work though?

I'm on here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/zs/Name/practice

And it still uses 么 instead of 麼.


That seems like it doesn't work.


Ah ok. So on what pages does it work?


Hey, that character 'ma' 麼 should have always worked as it is such a fundamental character.

I've just released an update (v 0.4.0) could you update and let me know if you see 麼 or 么?


I also have problems with characters not translating, I uninstalled and reinstalled, still not working


Just saw the update. Why does the extension need access to our browsing history?


In multiple choice questions it does not seem to convert the simplified characters to traditional at all


Hello! I know this is 2 years late, but I clicked the link and it was a 404 error. Also, would anyone happen to know if there's a way to learn Chinese with traditional characters? I've had some experience learning with traditional Chinese characters, but it's a lot more confusing switching to simplified on Duolingo. Thanks!


It's not in the chrome webstore anymore


Minor nitpicking: your extension header and description both state the exact same thing, "This extension allows users to read Chinese as it written in Taiwan and Hong Kong whilst learning Chinese", except the second has "in Duolingo" at the end. Might wanna change that up. Also, I don't think "as it written" is correct grammar. Otherwise, looks nice so far though I haven't tested it personally.


This looks very good going by the video; could you possibly be persuaded to release the same script as a Firefox addon? (Assuming this could be done easily—I'm not very well acquainted with how these things work.)


Could you tell the difference of the firebox on? It would be amazing if you could screenshot.



Just joking. I'm really grateful. This makes using Duolingo Chinese a lot easier.

As for bugs, yeah there are plenty. :D For example it also converts simplified Japanese characters into Traditional. But I think there is no way out of this. So THANK YOU!


This is very useful feedback. I'd forgotten that Kanji characters would fall within the Chinese character range. I'll make sure the plug-in only works if "zs" is the second uri section.

Thank you, I really appreciate it.


Looks like that's not right in all cases. If you click the "Strengthen Skills" button on the homepage, the URL is https://www.duolingo.com/practice


^^ This The extension should probably look at reduxState->Router->params.languageAbbrev


Are there issues other than the Japanese characters? Do you have other examples of the expected behavior breaking down?


Yes. One of them is visible in the second screenshot on the Chrome store. The character 面 gets converted to 麵.


I've released and published a fix, it takes Google about an hour to update. Let me know if the fix works! :)


Cool! Now we only need one that will convert 拼音 into 注音符號 :P


Many thanks for your work


Hi, thank you for your nice extension. Unfortunately, I have to report that enabling the switch for Traditional characters randomly causes the browser's tab to hang in the middle of a timed practice session, making one loose the experience accumulated so far and unable to finish the ongoing session.


Hi! I've been loving your chrome extension and it's been working perfectly until recently. For some reason when I do any lessons in "Time 2" or "Location 3" by the middle of the exercise the response time starts to crawl (won't hear audio of sentence for 20 seconds or so) and then when i submit my response, it takes a while for the "check" button to turn green. Then by the next exercise or 2, things have slowed to a complete halt and the lesson freezes up. I've had to sadly disable the plugin to use these and later lessons (earlier lessons are still working fine though?)


Hi RobinCard, it's been a few years, I'm sorry for digging this up. I just started learning Chinese and really wanted to learn it in traditional characters. Is there any chance you could revise this extension?


No, the link you posted is broken, and while the extension shows up in the store, it doesn't work from there either.


Okay, nm. I just installed it

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