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  5. "It is cold outside."

"It is cold outside."

Translation:Venku je chladno.

December 16, 2017



"Je zima venku." In this sentence, is the word order the problem? Would "zima" be acceptable for "cold"?


It sounds unnatural. 'Venku je zima.' is much better (and accepted.)


Can it be - Venku je studeno, or something like that?


Grammatically it isn't incorrect but it is not used in Czech. Studeno does not work for weather. and rarely for anything else.


Thanks, Vlado.

We also say here "hladno" or "zima". "Studeno" is so rare, but it has the similar meaning.


We use both "chladný" and "studený" as adjectives, both are very much alive, and "studený" is colder than "chladný" in many (not all) contexts. But only "chladno" is used, while "studeno" sounds odd, for some reason. And "zima" works, too, of course, not only for the season "winter" but also for cold -- stronger cold than "chladno".


It is almost the same here. "Studeno" is colder than "hladno".

Well, all Slavic languages have lot of similar words. I noticed that I started to understand better other Slavic languages when I started learning Czech.

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