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  5. "Welches Kleid?"

"Welches Kleid?"

Translation:Which dress?

December 16, 2017



when do we use welches or welchen


I'm a native speaker but I can't even answer that question properly lol. Normally you use welches for nouns with the genus 'das' so for 'Das Kleid' you use 'Welches Kleid?' for 'Der Tee' you use 'Welcher Tee'. But if you want to ask someone which tea he would like, I would ask 'Welchen Tee willst du?' Sorry if that doesn't quite answer your question.


Exactly. Your answer is perfectly correct! But additionally the form depends on the case: Nominative, dative, accusative. Nominative: welcher = masculine singular, welches = neuter singular, welche = feminine singular + plural (all genders) Accusative: welchen = masculine singular; welches = neuter singular, welche = feminine singular + plural (all genders) Dative: welchem = masculine + neuter singular; welcher = feminine singular, welchen = plural (all genders)


Thank you! Nice to see the rules explained


dER/dEN= welchER/welchEN diE=welchE daS=welcheS


"what dress" wasn't accepted. How would that translate?


I had the same! It would mean "Was Kleid?" which is weird in Dutch/Flemish if I were to type "Wat kleed/jurk?" too, so it makes sense.


Since welches can mean "whose" or "which" why can't "welches kleid" mean "whose dress?"

[deactivated user]

    glad they used the mans voice 4 this. it means they think men can wear dresses too!

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