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  5. "The man puts out the fire."

"The man puts out the fire."

Translation:남자가 불을 끈다.

December 16, 2017



화제? Whats the difference? It is like a bigger fire?


화재 is a Sino-Korean word whereas 불 is a pure Korean word.

화재 is a proper incident involving or caused by fire regardless of size but 불 is just fire.

The firefighter puts out the fire in a training. = 소방수가 훈련에서 불을 끄다

훈련 =drill = training

산불 = forest fire

화재 = 화마 (This is somewhat poetic expression yet newspapers often use this word rather than 화재 to make the headline more dramatic, eye-catching.)



I was wondering if that had to do with arson, but it seems arson (放火) is 방화 which also means fire prevention (防火)? However do they distinguish?


"남자는 화재를 진압해요" 차이점이 뭐예요?


So "puts out the fire" and "turns off the light" are sometimes the same? Seems dangerous

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