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  5. Losing my Streak tomorrow!!


Losing my Streak tomorrow!!

Today I have a 1297 day streak in Italian. I have kept this streak while making numerous overseas trips in the past three and a half years- a year in Italy, 3 months in New Zealand a month in Central America and numerous trips in outback Australia . We have used our phones to keep up our streaks, also many streak freezes over that time. My husband lost his streak (longer than mine) when we were in New Zealand because he forgot to buy another streak freeze, he now has about 460 days, so he will be giving up his too. I know it isn't that important to keep the streak, but I am sort of proud of it.... Tomorrow we are leaving for a trip to South America and then on to Antarctica so think my streak will end tomorrow (or the day after because I have a streak freeze) or it might last a few days, but I have been told that there may not be internet on the ship we will be on for 3 weeks. I am going to Channel Mabby who gave up his incredibly long streak voluntarily because he felt it was ruling his life. To all those upset about losing their streaks , just realise that doing Duolingo every day is like going to the gym, it becomes a habit! and a good habit, even if you only do one quick exercise every bit helps. Goodbye streak.....

December 16, 2017



Thanks for all your comments. I must explain that I don't only use Duolingo to learn Italian, it is good for revision and to make sure I do something every day. I don't live in Italy anymore so don't have the opportunity to speak it every day. I don't want to learn another language as I want to concentrate on Italian - although I have been doing the reverse tree and find that certainly makes my brain work harder! I took a long time to finish the tree as I felt that going through it quickly like some people do meant that I didn't understand everything and was just guessing or memorising the answers. Everyone has different learning strategies. I am sure that I will continue to use Duolingo when I return home in a few months.


It is an impressive streak to lose, but I can see how it could be ruling someones life. I've never been too bothered about my streak highest i have got to is 28 day streak, but obviously Duolingo is not the first thing in my life, but still your streak is seriously impressive :)


It doesn't make sense to keep a streak for the pure number anyway... From what it looks like you finished the Italian tree years ago and never picked up another course. So you redid dull lectures you definitely already knew just for some number on some website? It's about time for you to let loose.


Calynca , thanks for your supportive words, although I am not sure that you really understood what I meant when I wrote that post this afternoon.


MY condolences.


Lower your goal to 1 and have a friend or family member do an easy lesson for you each day. Congrats on reaching such a high streak.


The only family friend or member that I have that does Duolingo is coming with me!! I am ok about losing the streak, just wanted to have a moan and get sympathy... :-))


In that case, you have my sympathies. Have a safe and wonderful adventure. It sounds amazing!


Its a pity to lose such a long streak, because it will take so long to get it back(the same amount of time).


Bam ... I hope you continue with the same Desire to learn when you return


Congrats on the very long streak. I lost my (much MUCH shorter) streak when I traveled to France and decided that I was in fact practicing French - just not on my phone.

Someone suggested in a earlier discussion that there should be some acknowledgement of these long streaks - like a trophy. I think that is a great idea!! 1297 day streak reflects dedication!!! It would be a nice add on for Duolingo to consider.

Enjoy your trip - sounds wonderful, and well worth losing your streak!


OMG. Antartica!!! wow that is so much better than a streak. Congratulation on you streak, but I think you have a great (and exciting) reason to let it go.


Honestly, if I was losing a streak like that, I would feel relieved to have the burden off. The higher you go, the more obsessive you get. Though, with language learning, I suppose it's not that bad. I'm sorry that you will lose this streak, but don't let it deter you. ^ ^


Congratulations on such a long streak! As you said, you've made Italian a daily good habit. At this point, even if you don't practice it on Duolingo, you will undoubtedly find a way to incorporate the language into your daily life. It is a part of you now, so do not feel too sad. Duolingo was a means to that end.

I held a streak for over a year, which is admittedly a lot shorter than yours, before retiring it. Now I still find myself a year past that using French daily: reading the news, novels, watching shows, doing exercises in my grammar textbooks, talking, listening to the radio in French, etc. The habit is ingrained and I do credit Duolingo with helping me form that habit.

So good luck, take an Italian novel, and enjoy your trip!


Update on losing my streak ; When we boarded the ship a few days ago we were able to buy satellite internet for 17 days for a pretty big cost- 2,000 Norwegian kroner. It sort of works, but it's a bit like the old dial up system and if it's cloudy it doesn't work ( and it has been mostly cloudy). We have just rounded Cape Horn (and climbed up to the lighthouse and met the lighthouse keeper and his family) and we are about to enter the Drake Passage, it's a little rocky and rolly but so far it's OK. I have been able to do a bit of Duolingo as long as I click the "I can't listen now" button. The weather has been very windy and quite changeable, but hey, we come from Melbourne - 4 seasons in one day! and surprisingly it is not that cold, around 8 celsius. So the streak is still going (I want to be at the top of the longest streak list because I am never at the top of any list) and no, I am not obsessive.....really, I'm not ;-))))

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