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Would anybody here be interested in learning the Indian language Konkani?


There are approximately 700,000 Konkani speakers in Karnataka, who speak Karnataka Konkani. This is where I am from and what I speak.

There are approximately 620,000 Konkani speakers in Goa, who speak Goan Konkani. I do not know any Goan Konkani but can understand a very very slight amount of it.

Konkani is one of the 22 nationally recognized languages in India.

We're a very small community in India, I'd actually be absolutely stunned if anyone here has heard of us and isn't Indian.

Konkanis as an ethnicity are more or less the ethnic descendants of immigrants including; Portuguese, Arabs, Persians, Sephardic Jews, Shamans, as well as sharing blood with the Dravidian (Southern) Indians.

There are several different dialects of Konkani, and not all are mutually intelligible. I speak Karnatakan Konkani, a form of Konkani that is spoken in the state of Karnataka. Even though Goa is considered to be the "Konkani state" and has Konkani as its official language, there are actually far more Konkani speakers in Karnataka, it's just that there's lots of Kannada and Hindi speakers as well so you don't hear much about the Konkans.

Considering that Konkani is at its center a spoken language, as our language was attempted to be systematically eradicated and we were not allowed to use it during the Portuguese invasion, there are several different scripts that are used in the language. If you want to hear more about why it is important that Konkani does not disappear and why it was so close to being erased, read this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konkani_people#Impact_on_culture_and_language

If you want to see an example of GSB Karnataka Konkani, click this video.


If you want to see an example of Goan Konkani, which I cannot understand at all, click this video. I think I understood approximately 20% of it, and that was mostly numbers and words that were prepositions and articles like "over, under, a, the, is": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwW2M5Qy83E

If anyone here is interested in having Karnataka Konkani added to Duolingo, please answer!

December 16, 2017



Nice post !

I have a question - how is Konkani phonetics, vocabulary, grammar unique and distinct - at least compared to other regional and neighboring languages. Konkani writers or literature - currently or historical?

Creating a language course on Duolingo would be a helpful resource not only for younger people or children. It would probably be something that could grow over time - and maybe other people would contribute - and would probably invigorate the creation of a Goan Konkani course! It would not be one of the lost languages - there are serial language learners here on Duo !!

How is Konkani language related to Malvani - How is Konkani related to Tulu.

Thanks for reading.


Interesting, but be realistic.
Please read How does Duolingo decide which courses to add next?


I fail to see how this might not be realistic?

It's going to be in the Roman script, so no language changing is needed. Hindi is being added soon and perhaps an option to use Devanagari script could eventually be added, though my Devanagari is actually kind of rusty unfortunately.

I know of three or four other people right now that could possibly help me. Two are on Duolingo.

It seems the community is looking out for obscure, real life languages. Not conlangs. The fact there are less Konkani speakers than Esperanto shows that this language, which is actually in danger of dying out significantly in the next century or so, that is a real language that has existed for a 1000 years... should be retained.


Also, see here for the course contributor application process: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply.


Hi! My name is Ujwal. This is my mom's account cuz I can't read the discussions using mine because it's on classroom mode (I am in a Spanish class). So I am a GSB Hindu, I speak Konkani, and I live in Canada. I came from Pune. My hometown is Karwar and Goa. I love learning new languages. I know the Latin script, the Devanagari script, the Kannada script and even the Urdu script (one of my Iranian friends taught me the Farsi alphabet and it's very similar to Urdu and Arabic though some pronunciations vary). I can even learn the Malayalam script. From the Indian languages, I know Konkani, Marathi, Hindi, and basic Sanskrit. However, I never studied Konkani. As I said I love learning languages and I agree that we must preserve our language. I will be delighted to join or contribute in the course if I can help with anything. I have been trying to find sources on Konkani, as to how it is taught in Goa or Karnataka, and so I think Duolingo can help for the same one the course can be made. And yes, you said that it is rare that anyone may have heard about our people and Goa. But some months ago I talked to one of my Chemistry teachers, and my sir who is from Eritrea knows quite a lot about Goa! I was fascinated by that, and he said that one of his friends are from Goa. Moreover, there are other people from the Middle east as well who know about Goa from Bollywood movies too. Anyways thanks for bringing the topic about Konkani, because I really wish to help in preserving Konkani! Thank you!


I would love to learn Konkani. Apply here if you want to create a course teaching Konkani: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply


It sounds very interesting. I bet a lot of people would love to learn you r small language, but, if you wish to have Konkani put on the app their must be contributers willing to organise the course.


One of my best friends is from Karnataka. Konkani is a great language. I have no illusions I’ll learn it...but good luck.


yes i have read this and i am now intreseted i would like to join u thanks nice post!!!!


I would do the course!

[deactivated user]

    I would so, so love to learn Konkani. It is my family’s native language but I was never able to learn it from them— have always wanted to. Best of luck, hope this course can happen!!


    Are you working on this? This would not only help people who are interested in speaking to people within the region but also the non-Konkani partners of Konkani speakers who want to learn but don't know where to start, children who're growing up without Konkani community, etc.


    That's a good idea. I'd probably take it. :)


    I would love to see Goan come to Duolingo! My mother's side of the family is from Goa but unfortunately I was never taught their native tongue. I would love the opportunity to learn it on Duolingo :D


    I would love to see all forms of Konkani, get onto the Duolingo platform.

    [deactivated user]

      I highly doubt we'll get all dialects.

      Usually Duolingo picks one, and they will probably not add any others.

      e.g. We have Simplified Chinese, so we probably won't get Traditional. We have MSA, so we probably won't get Egyptian/Lebanese/Gulf Arabic.


      I would be very interested in learning this as well, and would do the course if it was created! (Which I hope it is!)


      Yes, I’ve heard of Konkani ;) Konkani has always been very interesting to me, I would love to learn it! I’m a little skeptical about using the Roman script, since I often find this a poor representation of many languages, especially Indian languages like Hindi or Bengali. Maybe you could consider using Devanagari? Anyway, I hope you do apply to make this course!


      I'd love to learn Goan Konkani!


      Konkani would be cool but Duolingo only has one Indian language and that's Hindi so they would probably prioritise adding Bengali or Tamil first.

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