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Useful Definition/Pinyin/Text to Speech highlight chrome extension


The above extension on Chrome Desktop will highlight definitions/pinyin for single words and phrases in text not supported by Duolingo popup. Select exercises like when characters goes grey after successful matches prevents the popup from triggering, however it's still very useful. There are similar extensions but this one supports text to speech which can be triggered via hotkey.

MAKE SURE TO SET: Popup delay: 1ms

The default is 0ms which causes the extension to not trigger on some systems.

December 16, 2017



This would be an example of an attempted workaround for something that would ideally be covered by design, by the DuoLingo team...in an ideal world, I think this would have happened BEFORE the course's launch.

I'd rather us be putting pressure on DuoLingo to make these things happen ASAP. The DuoLingo staff gets paid, AND they have access to the backend...you and others don't, so when people are making these workarounds and scripts, (a) they're not getting compensated (b) it's inefficient (c) they might break any time because DuoLingo could change their site any time. This happened with the reverse tree enhancer script that I was relying on to do the Japanese reverse course.

We can organize and put pressure on DuoLingo by quitting / cancelling subscriptions (I have done this recently) and pledging to sign up again if the company changes priorities in a better direction.

Instead of addressing issues like this, DuoLingo has been launching all sorts of new features. I saw recently they were posting a redesign of the Spanish course (after breaking the slow audio in that and other courses, another thing they haven't fixed).


I tried this but there was a character (I can't remember which) that was missing the correct pinyin & definition for the context it was being used in (on Duolingo). However the Zhongwen extension had it, so that's what I'm using.

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