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Keeping my tree golden

How does Duolingo determine when you need to "strengthen" a skill? Is it based on you missing questions on a particular grammar or vocabulary rule in another lesson? Or is a just a timed thing, where every few days it picks a few lessons for you to repeat?

4 years ago



I'm not sure about what way it goes. . . . . I think it degrades the lesson that you didn't do in awhile, but interesting question maybe someone better than me can answer that.. :)

4 years ago

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It is based on several different factors including: how many times you've seen a word, how often you get a word correct/incorrect, how long it's been since you practiced a word, how often you hover over a word (peek) for its definition..

4 years ago


I am pretty sure its time based, words decay from memory when not exposed after some period of time. Strengthen Skills button from your home page lets you practice decaying vocab and skills. Also Memrise.com is good for vocab drills.

4 years ago