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Mouse-over audio no longer working for me

Ever since the new, male voice appeared a few days ago, the individual-word audio no longer plays for either voice when I mouse-over a word (the whole-sentence audio still works, however). Of the languages I have been practising recently, this is only happening in the German course.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? (I skimmed through the past week of German discussions and couldn't see it mentioned.)

December 16, 2017



Yes, I have also encountered this problem...have a lingot, because it sucks to deal with things like this. I think the slow audio, which includes pronunciation on mouseover, broke on Spanish, German, and Portuguese courses when the new male voice was added.

I actually referenced this in my recent email to DuoLingo, in which I explained why I cancelled my subscription to DuoLingo plus. I initially signed up for plus because I was grateful to DuoLingo and wanted to give back to them to help them continue funding the site.

However, I'm not willing to fund a company that is actively breaking features I care about. I want my resources to be put toward improving the site, and the fact that DuoLingo has broken many features, including this one, recently, is troubling to me. I think the company is on the wrong path and I have withdrawn my financial support until I am convinced they've turned things around.

I encourage others to do the same. If we put pressure on them, it might make them adopt a different approach, a better approach.


Did your (still inaccessible) post discussed in this thread mention this issue? If so, I should be interested to know whether it did contain the forbidden word 'duтb'', and, if it does, whether removing said word from the body of the post makes it viewable (as the thread details, lots of people wanted to know what you had to say).

I'm sure that this audio problem is a bug, and I think it's important to distinguish unintended problems from deliberate decisions DL takes with which one might disagree. However, there have been so many bugs since the website was revamped with supposedly 'better' code, that I certainly get the impression that DL embarked upon this change without fully thinking through all the potential consequences. Being able to hear individual words and slow audio was the major advantages to using a TTS (as opposed to real recordings, which eliminate all pronunciation errors) in the first place.


Yes, a negative point! French course too. Duo deleted the posts about this subject. I think that they DID NOT appreciate the comments at all!


Have they been deleting posts about the subject? That seems extremely creepy...that would be a whole new level of disturbing...up until now I've just chalked this up to incompetence and bad management...ugh...

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