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"My son has always been very independent."

Translation:Mi hijo siempre ha sido muy independiente.

March 16, 2013



I also put siempre at the front and got marked wrong, can someone explain why this is?


I did the same. Yes,why is that wrong


still no answer to why 'siempre mi hijo ha sido independiente' is incorrect.


To CarolUhler: Yes I thought you could put it at the front so I did some research. This is from https://www.123teachme.com/translated_sentences/sp/siempre . "We always put the customer first. Nosotros siempre leemos por ..."


There are instances in which siempre leads the sentence, is in the middle and ends the sentence. So going by examples, I am very unsure about what rule dictates where it goes. If you have any idea, please share!

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