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  5. "从这里到我的酒店怎么走?"


Translation:How do I get to my hotel from here?

December 16, 2017



Shouldn't one also be able to translate it "How does one get to my hotel from here?"


I thought so too. The subject of movement is not specified.


I think it also can be translated as "How do you get to my hotel from here?" but that was not accepted

I phrase direction questions in the second person all the time as an English speaker even when I am asking for directions for myself


In earlier lessons, DL has previously marked me wrong for translating 走 as 'go' instead of 'walk'.

With this in mind, I very consciously put this translation as "How do I walk from here to my hotel", and it was marked wrong! This time, DL translates 走 as 'go'.


I know it's only the beta phase, but I would hope that the translations they did put in where at least consistent.

Anyway, I have reported it.

Rant over.


The most common word for "hotel" in Taiwan is "飯店" (commonly used for high-class hotels) or "旅館"(to me this is the most common way to translate "hotel".)
"酒店" originally means "liquor store", sometimes even involving sex industry, but due to the influence of (mainland) China, it's getting more common to use this word for "hotel."
"賓館" is also a choice for "hotel," but it seems that it's getting less used.
OK, to be honest, many natives don't distinguish these words strictly, so feel free to choose the word that you think is the best. We will always understand you.


Same old problems with insufficient English answers.

"How do I get from here to my hotel" appears to be unacceptable, but says exactly the same in Chinese and is perfectly acceptable in English. I wish you would fix these things. But you don't.


Accepted: Nov. 15, 2019, 07.15


Unaccepted: January 13, 2020 15:19


How do I get from here to my hotel.... was counted wrong. Silly.


Accepted: Nov. 15, 2019, 07.15


Unaccepted: January 13, 2020 15:19


Can 酒店 be translated as off-licence (liquor store if you're North American) as well as hotel? Or is there another translation?

If I owned my own 'alcohol shop', I'd probably need help finding my way occasionally too...


Not really. 酒店 always means hotels now. Stores which sell alcohols usually also sell cigarettes at the same time, and are called 烟酒店.


why is it wrong?


Huh, I always used '宾馆儿’。 Because 酒店 has a more looser meaning than 兵官儿, there are different types of hotels. I think it should accept that word, too.


"How do i get to the hotel from here" is wrong?!? It has to be "How do I get to MY hotel from here" Come on......"rolls eyes"


I got marked wrong for "How do I go to my hotel from here" please accept this answer as well. thx


Welsh person: Well you start from over there, then by here...

(Don't expect a helpful answer to this question in Wales).


Why does location come first



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