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Please remove the heart system on iOS, Duolingo. Please.

I guess I can use my computer but then it's silly because most of the time I use Duolingo is waiting somewhere when I'm in public or on public transport.

The hearts are there for Spanish, which I don't mind that much because I already have some knowledge of the language thanks to taking it in school, pretty sure people that didn't take it would hate it, but for Russian and Hebrew and Vietnamese it's actually unbearable.

I much prefer the progress bar type system that Hungarian and Chinese have where if you make a mistake the bar recedes and if you get something right, it progresses. This makes much more sense.

Please, Duolingo. For our sanity.

December 16, 2017



What I find extremely annoying is the fact that the heart system works when you're learning new things - the time you're most likely to make mistakes.


It's crazy, I know!


I pray that Jesus blesses your soul. We need it to go. I make Quizlet flashcards for studying vocabulary in Spanish so I can still learn using my phone. REMOVE THE DANG HEALTH DUO. And while you're at it, add forum discussions and better grammatical explanations on iOS. Please.


I actually don't have hearts on my ios app, I mean, it hasn't been updated for a while, but if it's really that horrible than what's the point? You could, though, use chrome/firefox/safari to get the website your phone, and it looks very much like the old Duo ios app. (At least, on my Moto G3's Chrome and Firefox).


Duolingo does not work in Safari in iOS. You have to use a different browser or the app.


? On an iPhone-sized screen, things can be a bit inconvenient, but Duolingo does work in Safari. Just strengthened a bonus skill using dictation for the whole thing. Not too bad at all, actually.


Do you have the latest version of the app? I used to have hearts but they went away a few months ago.

On the other hand, Duo is always running A/B tests so you and I may be on different sides of this one.


I do have the very latest version of the App, on iOS. Do you have hearts on Spanish and Russian?

It seems it's not the same for all users.


It must be an A/B test.


Hearts is the old system that Progress Bar replaced. Although you can still see it when testing out or taking a shortcut.

The new system they are testing on iOS is called Health.


Well, you might find this dumb but the reason for the heart system is to "encourage" users to be more careful on what they are putting. I'm pretty sure that is working soooooooooooooo well. Plus, what's the point of it, we all make mistakes so this is just making fun of the point of learning the darn language. They say you can learn a language for free forever but you have to buy plus if you don't want to wait like 24 hours to get all 5 hearts so, there lying.


I prefer to use Duolingo's mobile web version (www.duolingo.com) in the Firefox (or Chrome) browser of my phone, when I have a rather good Wifi (or LTE/4G in an internet bundle)


I had no idea that worked! Does it, on iOS?


That's the usual workaround to avoid Duolingo's punishing "Health" system.

The web version also has a much beter teaching method:
"mostly typing the words by yourself" instead of "mostly clicking on predefined words"
I hardly use the Duolingo App on my phone.


There are no hearts on the website.


There is no "Health" on the website.
Duolingo's website does have "hearts", if you use the "test out" feature!


What IOS mobile app version do you have?

Do you do test-outs or you do you learn new skills/lessons "the normal way" (step by step)?

First I thought you are maybe confusing hearts (still available on the web portal for test-out's) with the health/gems IOS "feature", which might have been abandoned according to a more recent thread (I don't use IOS, so I don't care).

Can't get rid of it? Try Android.


I have whatever the latest iOS version is.


I luckily still don't have it, but it drove my boyfriend away from using it.


As you can see there are different possibilities depending on the exercise type, different A/B tests per account going on, etc.

Lot's of confusing possibilities!

Why don't you upload a screenshot showing what your concrete IOS app problem is for 1, 2 or 3 exercises/questions?


SAME, I use the app a lot and although I can understand the ads making the app free to use, THE HEARTS CERTAINLY DONT, these hearts DRIVE ME UP THE WALL!!!!!! 9 time out of ten I get the question write but I make a typo and loose a life, I’ve spent all night trying to level up my lesson to no avail because I make stupid typos that I can’t be bothered to check because it takes twice as long to complete the lesson and I want to learn languages FAST and rather than spending those blue gem things I do practices which waste more time and then when I loose a life, I’m not loosing hearts, I’m loosing 7 minutes of my life I just wasted on the practice lesson to a stupid TYPO

I’m aware of doing it online but I don’t like it, it feels more stiff, when I type in the target language it autimatically switches to the target language keyboard so I can easily learn the keyboard and also on the app I can use my voice to input the target language however not on the browser, it also doesn’t let me use autocorrect on the browser so I make EVEN MORE TYPOS and takes forever to complete the lesson. Thankyou for letting me rant PS: PLEASE REMOVE THOSE HEARTS


I don't understand this but I'll read it again.

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