"Do you guys drink tea?"


December 16, 2017

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How do I know when is 你们 or 他们?


If you want to know their meanings, here they are:

你们 - you (plural)

他们 - they (plural; mixed or wholly males)

Also note that 她們 can be used as they when using multiple feminine subjects.

Otherwise, if you want to memorize them from heart (some hints here)...

  • Make note that both characters contain 人 radicals, which emphasize characters.
  • For 他, 他 is male. Memorize this as "He is a man. He is also a person (because of 人)!"
  • 門/门 means doors. Memorize 們/们 as "more people coming from the doors", so that your mind comes up with plural suffix.


The first is "you all" and the second is "them" (male/mixed group).


Dear DuoLingo, “you guys” is not the correct translation for plural “you” !


Also, the preliminary lessons strongly imply the feminine they and masculine they are interchangeable, then in review/combo lessons suddenly refuses to accept the feminine variant as translation for "you guys" which in American usage is gender independent despite the literal meaning of "guy" as male person. Which is irritating both from a learning perspective and a gender perspective.


This course needs work. Like the poster above, there is no explanation of when one character is used instead of another!


That exactly what i answered.

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