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  5. "I always buy milk here."

"I always buy milk here."

Translation:Mléko vždy kupuji tady.

December 16, 2017



My answer, which was incorrect, was "Vždy tady kupují mléko." The correct answer given was "Zde vždy kupují mléko" (with "zde" and "vzdy" underlined), which itself differs from the answer shown above.

Could someone please tell me what DL didn't like about my answer? Also, it would be helpful to what the BEST correct answer would be, and WHY it's the best. THANKS!

UPDATE - - - - -

Since this was going to come around again, I thought I'd experiment a bit.

The first time it came back, I tried "Vždy zde kupuji mléko. This was still wrong, and again the correction had "zde" and "vždy" underlined. This made me think it might be a word order issue.

So the next time I got it, I went with "Tady vždy kupuji mléko," and this was accepted!

I'm glad I finally "passed," but would sure like to understand whatever rules apply here!


I'll maybe dissapoint you but the anwer to what you wrote is simple - "Use the Report button" :-)

Because both "Vždy tady kupuju mléko" and "Vždy zde kupuju mléko" are absolutely OK and should be accepted.


Má věta: "Vždy tady nakupuji mléko." je též naprosto správně, však systém ji nevzal. Použila jsem váš oblíbený čudlík.


Added all reports from this Discussion. Hopefully... It is hard to keep track of all the possibilities and if you press Report it helps us a lot. It is harder to find all the forms mentioned here and test them.


mléko tady kupuji vždy? i guess my word order is all wrong but why? i juat read to use the word i want to emphasize last, i thought "always!" i wouldn't have put mléka first bur ir was capitalized in the word bank so i knew it wanted me to ;(


eek, i'm back eight months later, and now i want to say “kupuju mléko tady vždy” i'm guessing no one has written about word order here because 1. it's complicated and 2. there are discussions about word order in many of the other questions of this lesson. but, i reported my answer as an acceptable one, based on the fact that "on kupuje mléko tady zridka” was an acceptable answer on a previous question. if i remember correctly...


Kupuji tady mléko vždy/zřídka. would be fine, but your order is weird.


VladaFu, thanks for all your hard work. By "weird" do you also mean wrong? Because I put "Kupuju tady mléko vždy" and it also counts it as wrong.


I actually wrote that it should be fine, not that it is weird. But it is not currently accepted, it probably should be added.


Mléko tady kupuji vždy. is completely fine.


Is stále ok here instead of vždy?


Yes, but it may be understood as still and not always.

You can try it yourself.

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