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"We went to a party on the 15th of this month."

Translation:이번 달 십오일에 우리는 파티에 갔어요.

December 16, 2017



The utmost correct Korean is: "우리는 이번달 십오일에 파티에 갔어요."


that's what I wrote, but why is it "the utmost correct Korean"? I ask, because Duo is not very consistent when it comes to putting words always in the same order, and Korean is kind of fluid with word order. So I would like to understand why putting it this way is better than putting the time phrase up front. Thank you in advance!


this is what i wrote its still marked as wrong :(


우리는 이번 달 15일에 파티에 같어요 랑 도데체 뭐가 다릅니까...좀 고칠부분이 많네요^^;


우리는 파티에 이번 달 십오일에 갔어요 우리는 이번 달 15일에 파티에 갔어요 이번 달 십오일에 우리는 파티에 갔어요 이번 달 십오일에 파티에 우리는 갔어요

다 맞는 표현들입니당 (They are all the right expression)


Well, we are on quarantine now, everybody, 2021 is not for begginers.


Could you say "이 달" instead of "이번 달"?

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