Does anybody know where i could learn Lithuanian for free from English in a similar format to this website. Lithuanian people are very common in England and it would be very useful to put up , thank you

December 16, 2017


From my experience, I would like to recommend a nice app that I used for awhile named " Ling app " . It has many word categories in the app and helps me to memorize a lot of vocabulary. It's easy to use and I'm learning Lithuanian from this app. You can try

I looked pretty extensively a year or so ago for any good, exhaustive Lithuanian course like Duo. I didn't even find a good paid source like Duo.

You can try talking to some Lithuanians where you live. They might know good websites, books, songs. They might be rather delighted to learn that someone is interested in their language and would be quite willing to help. You might even make some native speaking friends that way. :)

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