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Finally My First Level 25!

This one is especially meaningful for me because I didn't use my native language (English). The course was German for French speakers.

It has taken me forever because I've dabbled in several languages on here and also because Duolingo is not my main learning method. I spend most of my language learning time on listening. I did the German from English course first, and got to level 22 or 23 I think it was, but when I discovered it was possible to do it in French I abandoned English for what I consider more profitable...working two languages together using a stronger language. Here's to the next 25! That will be French for German speakers which is almost at level 20. Levels 20-25 are really long. If I'm remembering correctly they take the same amount of XP as all levels 1-20!

December 16, 2017



great going! It is extra impressive that you did this through German for French speakers! Congratulations!


Thanks Camilla-danesa!


congratulations! this post is so motivational for people like me who have tried to learn languages several times but have given up for various reasons!! keep it up!


Thanks! My guess is that you are already successful. Seeing your country location on your profile, don't you already speak at least two languages?


We have only one official language and it is Armenian however i speak Russian too, although i am much better at English (my writing skills isnt that good but speaking skills is good enough). But i try to learn two other languages too such as Italian and Spanish. I need them for my job since i am a tour guide I work with people who speak English but also i would like to work with Spanish and Italian speakers too. I realize this will take lots of time and efforts from me but i gotta do it! :)


It's great you are doing this when you are young. I wish I would have known how much I love languages when I was younger. I think European languages are especially great because of all the interesting cultures connected to each language. I already have lived in Spain many years, but recently I have fallen in love with any German or French speaking countries of Europe. In the future I hope to work on Italian more as that is also such a fascinating country.


They say it is never late to start doing something! you have pretty impressive day streak record and language learning story, so i am sure you will manage to master some of the European languages :) Exactly European languages are really very beautiful, i wish i had more time for learning them but life wont let me do so , i have to work :)


Getting level 25 is hard enough, but to do it without a hint of English is amazing! Congrats Ichthus731, and I wish you the best in your future language goals! :-)


Thanks NtateNarin!


Thanks Lemniscatarum!

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work :)


    Thanks Sh3m3sh!


    Nice ! Nowadays it's so much harder without the immersion section, which was my favorite. After the loss of immersion I've shifted to use lingq.com to improve the languages that I know well already and use duolingo only in languages that I don't know well enough. I can't imagine how long it took you to reach level 25 :D


    Thanks Don_Cristian!


    Wooo!! Congrats! Good luck on getting to level 25 in French from German. :)


    Thanks P-Code!


    y that's fantastic


    Thanks NoSlowMoe!



    Bonne continuation avec vos études!


    Merci beaucoup Marie-Claire, et bonne continuation à vous aussi!

    [deactivated user]

      Awesome! Keep up the good work!


      Wow, that's awesome!


      Gut gemacht!!!


      Congrats!!! I just reached level 25 last week in portuguese. It's hard to keep motivated but ii's something you're proud of when you reach it. Posting your achievement will motivate others to keep practicing. Well done!!! You get 1 lingot from me.


      Thanks, SamirahIS! Congrats to you as well!!


      Hi Ichthus731, no other way to message you, but to find you in the comments. I'm enjoying the back and forth on "all time" score board. Keep it up!


      Thanks Thigg4, but I don't think it is going to be much of a competition. You are really shooting up in the xp numbers! Already almost 12000 in just 14 days and 750 yesterday and today so far! That's like 830 xp per day. How do you do that?

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