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  5. "Je veux manger du riz."

"Je veux manger du riz."

Translation:I want to eat rice.

March 16, 2013



je::mange_aime_parle_veux_bois_dois tu::manges_aimes_parles_veux_bois_dois

Il:: mange_aime_parle_veut_boit_doit

is it correct that,

if the verb ends with "e", je and il have the same form, and tu has an extra "s".

if the verb ends with "x/s", je and tu have the same form, and il has "t" instead


the slow version of veux is not good.


Actually it is very good. But maybe it was fixed after you heard it :)


What's wrong with I wish to eat rice (i'm being polite, not making a wish)


I agree with you - I think 'I wish to eat rice' is equally correct.


Being polite you can say, "Je voudrais manger du riz", which means "I would like to eat rice"


Is there anyone else who thinks that the pronunciation for veux is terrible on this?


It's perfectly okay, i suppose. Listen it on Google Translate: http://translate.google.hu/#fr/en/je%20veux%20manger%20du%20riz


Why is the verb "mange" conjugated with an 'r' here? It's not one of the normal conjugations. Is it "manger" because it comes after another verb? Does this apply to all other verbs in similar situations?


Yes, you would be correct. Think of the infinitives in terms of English for a simple statement like this: Je veux = I want; manger = to eat.
Je veux manger = I want to eat. You wouldn't say in English, "I want eat," or, "I to want to eat."


I've put "want to eat" in here rather than "would like to eat" as I was marked wrong in a previous example. Are these concepts actually exchangeable? I thought they were.


Is 'I like to eat rice' okay as well?


No. You're excluding the 'veux' if you say 'like', and saying 'I like to eat rice' would be translated as 'J'aime manger du riz.'


Would "I would like to eat rice" work as well?


I think there's a difference between the use of Présent Indicatif (je veux manger du riz) and Present Conditionnel (je voudrais manger du riz).

The latter one is more polite, in a formal situation I'd use that one (and by formal situation I mean any situation where you normally wouldn't "insist" something, you'd rather "ask" something).

I'm sure Duo's moderators know this as well, but conditional hasn't been taught yet, that's why the program is saying this.


"Wanna= want to "is not accepted


Wanna is very sloppy. I guess it's just an American thing, not French.


That's because wanna is slang, not real English. You would never write it in any semi-formal letter.


I put "Je veux manger du riz" and was marked wrong.

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