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"Myslím, že týden je sedm dní."

Translation:I think that the week is seven days.

December 16, 2017



Is this also possible in Czech... "Myslím, že týden má sedm dní"?

Also, I didn't try "has" in the English translation, but I think "has" may be used more often than "is."

UPDATE - - - - I just tried "has seven days" and it was accepted. (June 2018). If I have a chance, I'll try "má" on the Czech side.


We currently consider that to be a different sentence (with a very similar meaning). je/is vs. má/has.


How would you say then. The week has seven days?


Týden má sedm dní.


"I think that there are seven days in a week." means the same, doesn't it?


Myslím, že v týdnu je sedm dní. Myslím, že je sedm dní v týdnu.

A different sentence with a similar meaning.


Yes, the meaning in English is pretty much the same. But I think the Czech sentence in your example MIGHT be something more like -- and I am making this up, so it could be totally wrong -- "Myslím, že to je sedm dní v týdnu." And I'm also thinking that the "Czech way" of saying how many days are in a week MIGHT just be what's shown at top of the d´page, rather than something like what I made up...


Dnů seems to be accepted instead of dní here. Can anybody explain or point to how/when to use both forms? Thanks


They are both correct in standard Czech and mostly driven by the preference of each speaker.


"The week" should be "a week," or in contrived sentences, "that week."


Both "the week" and "a week" are accepted.


'I think the week is 7 days long' may also be right?


Thank you for your suggestion; we now accept this translation. Please use the Report button in the future, even if you also comment.


Is this sentence supposed to be spoken by a time traveller from the past, when there were weeks longer than seven days? Very bizarre to only "think" that a week is seven days, and not *know" that a week is seven days....


A possibility that comes to my mind is sarcasm/snark.

  • Už týden jsi mi nenapsal! - You haven't written to me for a week!
  • Napsal jsem ti před pěti dny. Myslím, že týden je sedm dní. - I wrote to you five days ago. I think a week is seven days.
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