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Great German Verb Book!

A friend of mine recommended a book for learning German verbs in all tenses. It is called 501 German Verbs. It is available to buy here: , but I am sure there are other sites that may sell it for less.
I have been reading this book, and in just a short time I have learned quite a good bit. There are very good examples included that show the verb in different tenses and usages in a professional, use-enhancing manner.

December 16, 2017

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I have the 2016 (5th) edition of 501 German Verbs published by Barron's which I got from Amazon. All the verbs are fully conjugated in all tenses. I use this as a reference book right now, but I plan to just sit down someday and dig into this book. When I was in high school my mom caught me reading a dictionary and was not pleased. I told her I liked learning new words and learning the definitions of words I already knew. A must have for serious German learners of whatever skill level.

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