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"He is swimming often and gladly."

Translation:Er schwimmt oft und gern.

December 16, 2017



You just wouldn't say it this way. You could say "Er schwimmt oft und es macht ihm Spaß", though.


''Er schwimmt häufig und gern'' is not accepted as a correct answer, although oft and häufig cover the same meaning


"mit Freude(n)" would be the word to use, but that sounds just about as high-level and impractical as "He swims with pleasure".

I think "gladly" is just Duo trying to find an English translation for "gern(e)", which, if you leave the "often" out, would probably be written as "He likes to swim / swimming" --> "Er schwimmt gern(e)". But with the "often" in there, you can't work with "he likes to do it" in English anymore.

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