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a website that has free Finnish lessons


For people forever wanting Finnish lessons-- you're in luck!

It also has lessons in lots of other languages too, for example Moroccan Arabic Chinese, Breton, Korean, Catalan, and others.


but mainly I just wanted to mention Finnish.

It has audio too.

There is no Finnish from English so I had to file this under Duolingo.

December 16, 2017



I just tried this out by doing the quiz on the lesson you linked to (I'm a native speaker).

The voices are good, but there are mistakes in the vocabulary. The vocabulary list contains the item "my friend" twice, and if you go through the list, it shows one of them being a male friend and the other a female friend. However, in the quiz you only hear the voice say "minun ystäväni", and have no idea which one to pick. This is a serious design flaw!

(Although you would often use the male form ystävä also for female friends, the female form ystävätär does exist and is also used.)

Another mistake is that they translate "minun tyttöni" as my daughter, whereas it means my girl. Close, but not the same thing.

So based on this extremely quick test, I wouldn't exactly recommend this resource (at least not for Finnish).


Thanks Annika_a! :)


You're welcome, Woof.! No one would be happier than I if there really was a good resource available (be it on Duolingo or elsewhere). :-/


Lingot for mentioning Finnish :)


Kiitos! I need to check this out now!


I try so many of these finnish resources, and they just aren't the same as a well made, well curated duolingo course..

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