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Translating and skill points

Sometimes the points I am supposed to gain from translating are not being added towards mastering the section I am translating from. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it?

June 30, 2012



I'm assuming you're told your translation was close enough to earn you points. The points don't always go to the section you're "translating from", sometimes they're mixed (so some points go to one section, some points another). When you're told you're successful, you'll see which sections the points should go to.

If you already knew that and are checking those... have you given everything time to update? Duolingo's been a touch on the slow side (probably the Amazon issues) and sometimes it takes time for the points you earned to actually show up.


The ones that don't get added (or haven't been added yet) only say +x points as opposed to +x Acc. case etc. Hopefully it's just taking a while to update


I think they are having an issue with this lately.


This should be fixed now. Please try refreshing your screen. You shouldn't have lost any points.


It's still not entirely right for me, it's giving me the general points correctly, but not points towards mastery


You said the points that don't get added just say "+x points", not "+x Acc. Case". I suspect these are general points, not specific to that class. Even though you selected the translation through that subject, some of the points will still be general.

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