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Real time Duolingo multiplayer?

When I pass my dad on xp for the day, he goes way above the amount that he normally gets just to pass me. What if Duolingo had a real time battle-like language "game"? Instead of it being a lesson, it would be more of a quiz format, asking what the word means in the language you are learning, or an actual quiz show (Duo as host) asking a question in English (or whatever your primary language is) but you have to answer it in the language you are learning. At the end, points would be awarded by accuracy, every correct answer receives one point. Every 3 questions in a row gets 4 points, every 6 questions in a row get 8 points, etc. It would be a private game with a code that you have to put in (In a "find room" button). The winner would be rewarded 10 xp, and loser would be rewarded 5. If this gets added, and people like it, maybe random battle, cross-language play, or up to 5 people able to "battle" at once would be other options of play.

December 16, 2017



It may interest you to know that something similar has already been done by Duolingo before and was discontinued. It was called "Duels." Here's more information:


But I wouldn't be opposed to something like that coming back.


Duolingo used to have a feature called Duels, in which you could 'battle' another user. You would earn a point for a correct answer, and if you answered first, with the winner being the user with the most points at the end. I feel like the latter most likely added pressure on users, which is probably why Duolingo discontinued it. In the format like you have described above, I think that could potentially work as there are no pressures placed by time.


Duolingo removed duels because it disengaged the audience. I think I found this on reddit or Quora.


That would be cool. But, honestly I like Duolingo the way it is.


That'd be awesome.

I do remember Duels, but I'm pretty sure Duolingo took it out because users would become frustrated with pressure. It was similar to how Kahoot or Quizizz works, where it not only mattered if you got it right, but you'd get more points if you answered faster.

But if you get the same number of points regardless of time, so long as you answered correctly, then yeah, I'd love to have this feature around!


Thanks for telling me about Duolingo duels! I gave everyone two Lingots.


That'd be great. Having a small penalty for wrong answers could also be good to discourage guessing

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