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Need some friends!

I don't really know how this works with having friends and all, but I don't really have too many and I would really like some new ones because the friends that I have now are not active anymore!! That kind of sucks when I actually like checking my progress on the leader board and realizing that there is no actual competition! So please follow me ;-;

December 16, 2017



The whole 'friends' thing is dead and buried Pidge-on. There's no point in following people anymore since they took away the activity stream where you could actually talk to them. You don't even get a notification when they reply on the boards now.


It may make a return however. I don't see any harm in adding a few people and the leader board is kind of cool. If we users express a want for a more social aspect of Duolingo, I'm sure we'll get it.


awh, well thanks anyway!!


Hi, like Luscinda said, there's really no point in friends these days; we have no social/chat tools.

That said, to get friends all you have to do is click on their name. That will take you to their profile, where you can click the "Follow" button.

When you are following people, they show up on your Leader Board on your home page. You can see how many XP they have earned, and you can try to get more XP than they do.

Some people focus on getting lots of followers, but that doesn't help you. Following others is what helps.

Good luck! :)


Although it does not make any sense, if it makes you happy ...


You only get a notification for that on email.


I will be your friend


Hey. Followed you. Please follow back untill you pidge-off

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