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Thanks! :)

Could you maybe add the song title and artist in the spreadsheet if it's not too much work? It would make it easier to find songs again.


Done, thanks for the suggestion.


Thanks of lot!! I clicked through all of the songs. Some feedback:

  • It would be helpful to have songs that include lyrics (two of your songs had lyrics in the description), alternatively a separate link to lyrics. -I'd prefer to get relatively new stuff, perhaps from the last 4-5 years, something that has been popular in France but that is not in the international radar. Ie. good stuff that outsiders might not be aware of. There is so much good stuff in music that never breaks the language barrier.


Thanks for the suggestions.


qualite, Rose est bonne. A bit twangy, singer songwriter. Merci d'avoir partage


Ce dj a fait ma journee


Thanks for the /French Song of The Day/ posts. They make for an enjoyable listening exercise.

Could you help me understand the line: „et jeter les envies de solitaire”? Does it mean something like: „and throw [maybe ‚spread’?] the joys of solitude”?

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