"We want to sit here."


December 16, 2017



What's wrong with 我们要坐在这里?

April 1, 2018


I would like to hear an explanation of this too. I have always thought of 要 as a fairly direct "want to" and 想 as a slightly more polite "would like to". And I don't see how this example sentence gives reasons for why "want to" shouldn't be acceptable.

May 10, 2018


I'm confused about the word order in this sentence...this is the first time I've seen the place (在这里) come after the verb(s) (想坐). Can someone explain this to me?

December 16, 2017


When implementing the sentences with location verb, you include 在 after the verb. Think movement or location when translating such sentences.

  • Correct: 我坐在這裡 (since "movement" is being done here)
  • Incorrect: 我在這裡坐

Note carefully that the second sentence is translated to "In here, I sit", which is not the same as "I sit here" since the second earlier indicates the location instead of making the verb do the work with it.

This guide might help.

December 16, 2017


I agree with Mr rM. However, for me, "Wo zai ze ER zuo." sounds better and is more natural. Don't ask me why.

March 22, 2018


I explained it in this thread:


December 16, 2017


When speaking, is it more or less natural to just say 我们想坐这里?

March 4, 2018


There are several alternate possible translations that should probably be accepted here: 我们要坐在这里 我们要坐这里 我们想要坐在这里 我们想要坐这里 我们想做在这儿 我们想坐这儿 etc.

January 13, 2019


why is 我们想坐这儿 incorrect?

May 2, 2018


What if I say 我们想坐这里 without 在? Is it correct?

March 9, 2018


For me, that sounds wierd. Wo men xiang ze bian zuo sounds better.

March 22, 2018


I agree with the general meaning of the sentence, but wouldn't yao be better here? Wo men xiang translates literally as, "We think."

March 22, 2018


想 is also "want to". I think 要 should be accepted here, but sometimes the difference between 想 and 要 is a bit subtle, I think. They seem to be often used interchangeably.

July 14, 2019
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