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Skills don't get golden

There seems to be a growing number of skills in the Czech course, which, once they come up for revision, don't become golden no matter how often I do them without a single mistake. At first it was just Present 1, then Colors joined it, although before it had turned golden after every revision, and now Questions too.

December 16, 2017



maybe it is time to start ignoring the (non)gold status of skills. the algorithm behind it clearly has issues, and those cannot be fixed by the volunteers for this course. i have a suspicion about what structural features expose the goldening issues, but without the involvement of the paid people at duo hq nothing can be done. i'd say we realistically have no way of making this issue enough of a priority for them to be involved.


Thank you for replying! Problem is if I ignore non-goldening skills, the number of bars diminishes and doesn't increase again if I do a revision. I don't know what will happen when it reaches no bars status. Will I still be able to continue with the tree, or it'll be like I've never done that skill?

Also, once the number of non-goldening skills increases, it'll be hard to keep in mind when I realistically should revise each of them.

I hoped that when a course is in beta, the staff would get involved to remove bugs, especially if it's not just one question or one skill getting affected.


you are not required to keep anything gold as a condition for being able to advance in the course.


So even if I have no bars at all left on something, it'll still be considered done?

But another problem is that as more skills join the non-goldening club - now Household too - it's hard to know when I realistically should revise each of them.

Since it's affecting a big swath of the tree and getting worse, I think the staff should get involved. I understand that it's not up to you how they prioritize their work, but if you could pass the message to them, I'd be grateful. If you have an inkling which part of the algorithm is causing the problem, it shouldn't take too long to fix it, should it?


I'm experiencing the same problem in the Czech course and this isn't the first course where it happened. It is quite annoying to see a non-golden tree, but it doesn't affect your ability to continue learning. And in my opinion, when the skill strength decays, it doesn't necessarily mean you're forgetting things and need to review; it's just what Duo thinks you're forgetting. For me, a good time to review a skill is when I'm doing a lesson in an advanced skill and have trouble with the vocabulary or grammar (for me it's usually the grammar that I forget the fastest) from an earlier skill, so then I just go to review the skills where those concepts were introduced.

As for getting the staff involved....I don't think they'll see it as an important enough issue to do something about it immediately... More serious bugs, such as those that prevent users from making any progress at all, generally get the most attention.


The first step towards getting movement from Pittsburgh will be to begin gathering up-to-date evidence in one place. Please review the suggestions in https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25043289 and comment there as to what you may find out by implementing them.


Glad I'm not the only one, This problem only came in recently for me after I used a streak freeze all weekend. Manually training a skill will clear the issue off, but I can stop feeling like I failed I guess. I was revising using untimed only for a long time but switched to timed as it got longer and longer to complete and regold the tree, just doing untimed at the top few topics (6-9 depending on my row). I wonder if that affects it somewhat, as timed is happy to give gold from 4/5 for merely 2 correct answers (to my shame, I took it and moved on.)

I don't know if it ONLY happens on Czech... all those numbers after my name are mostly old ;)

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