"Valar morghūlis, Iōnos."

Translation:All men must die, John.

December 16, 2017

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I feel like this is Duolingo's way of low key telling John to stop not dying.


This language is badass, saying Valar morghūlis as a greeting phrase is like on another level hahaha


Yes, if you're John


I really don't understand how "John" gets translated to "Iōnos".


J in English was originally pronounced as Y in boy (almost like saying Yohn in modern English) therefore, "yohn" id actually close to ionos. they just added the -os

Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.


John comes from 'Iōhannēs' irl


I always was like: Vala dohaeris and Vala morghūlis is like...a thing in high valyrian, I knew what its "power" can do but I never thought this could be a freeking greading phrase...thats lowkey deep. Now I see high Valyrian this way: Everyone: Hi, how are you? High Valyrian (dressed all in black, tired eyes, sad voice, looking extremely down): Hello, all men must die... And I think this is beautiful XD


Sorta random, but why doesn't Daenerys say "valar morghulis" even though she greets many people in a few different lanuages? Maybe she has said it an I missed it, but could it be her social standing? I havent read all the books yet so I'm going off of the show


i think that's it's a slogan ... just to say" hallo everyone, do not forget the quest"


Or maybe because she's a woman?


it's Jon not John

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