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"Die Suche ist auf Deutsch verfügbar."

Translation:The search is available in German.

December 17, 2017



Who talks about a "search" online as in this sentence. Unheard of in my life.


Right. I would likely say "You can [do a] search in German" which I guess would be "Man kann auf Deutsch suchen"


What exactly does this sentence mean?


I think it means that you can type your search request in German ("Sehenswuerdigkeiten in Berlin") into the search engine you're using (e.g., Google)


How would you say "The search in German is available"?


You can - as far as grammar is concerned - change the German word order in that way: "Die Suche auf Deutsch ist verfügbar."

...but it sounds unnatural both in German and in English to me (normally you'd just say, "Die deutsche Suche ist verfügbar"), unless the situation is that you work for Google, and Google is available in many languages, and "the search in German" stopped working. So, "the search in German" is what it's about. Then, if the German Google works again, you could say, "Die Suche auf Deutsch ist wieder verfügbar."

Similarly, if you're at a library: "Haben Sie 'Harry Potter' auf Deutsch?" - "Ja, 'Harry Potter' auf Deutsch ist verfügbar." (= you can borrow it today) - it's not about whether there exists a version of "Harry Potter" in German, it's a question about an actual "German 'Harry Potter' book".


I speak two languages in which prepositions seem logic for me, but concerning German I find them hard to make sense for me or even easy to keep , I dont know how to solve this problem !


Just try learning them as phrases or at least don't mind them and they'll come to you when you've seen enough of them


Why is used "auf" not "in" here?

In this case, i feel like to use "in" . "Kann man diesen Artikel in Deutschland bekommen?"

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