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"Could you help me take my luggage for a moment?"


December 17, 2017



The current English "Could you help me take my luggage for a moment?" is not natural. You might ask somebody to "hold" your luggage or "help with" your luggage or even "take" your luggage. But to take your luggage means to travel with it, you wouldn't ask somebody to travel with your luggage on your behalf or anything like that.


拿一拿, implies a short time so I think the meaning is more like "Can you help me for a moment by taking my luggage (to some unstated location)?


The Chinese sentence is usually used in a request to a hotel butler or to a coach driver. Does Take apply?


Then a better English translation would be "Could you please take my luggage?" or "Could you take my luggage please?" The suggestions in the post above also work. I think the main problem with the English sentence is that we wouldn't use both verbs "help me" and "take/hold/carry" together in one sentence. It would be one or the other, unless you use the construction "Could you help me BY taking/holding/carrying…"


"Take" is fine as long as the context makes it clear you are asking someone to help hold/pick up/carry your luggage somewhere, something the "for a moment" helps to clarify.


Sure, but just "take," not "help me take."



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