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  5. "이 길은 얼마나 길어요?"

" 길은 얼마나 길어요?"

Translation:How long is this road?

December 17, 2017



"How long is this street?" should be accepted. Reported on Dec. 17, 2017.


"This road is how long?" should be an acceptable answer as well.


It doesn't sound natural in Standard English.


Actually it is, when confirming the length of a road.

A: This road is 350 miles long.

B: What?? This road is how long??


No, it is not natural English. The example you've stated is an exclamation of surprise. It is a response to someone already saying how long the road is. The question here is asking how long the road is from the perspective of someone who does not know how long the road is. Therefore, they do not mean the same thing.


That example was more of an exclamation, but there are other in-real-life situations in which a native English speaker might phrase a question in that way. E.g. needing to (physically) indicate what road they're asking about or knowing what road they needed to talk about, but figuring out what they need to know about it on the fly (not knowing what they were going to ask in advance). Definitely not textbook, but not that uncommon when we don't know exactly what we're going to ask before we start talking. It does seem like the Korean would be the same in the two examples I listed, which is kinda fun/interesting.


not sure if you noticed, but all of these translations in this course are not translated into perfect written English, some are translated into spoken English, and yes they are not the same.


Duo used "road" and "path" interchangable many times ... suddenly path is wrong.....


우리 아직 저기에 있어~?


The audio on this sounds too fast and distorted


Is it acceptable to say " how long is this way" Or only the "road" is suitable?


Why how would be in the middle instead at the beginning?

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