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Many bugs lately in German

In my android phone, the strengthen option is really weird. It does maybe 5-6 times the same question, and there are barely 10 questions instead of 20 as usual. In the computer, some phrase that are been pronounced, cannot be heard slowly. Especially when it's the man talking.

Anybody has those problems as well? G.

December 17, 2017



I've been getting the same question repeatedly on Web too. It never used to do this, or only very rarely. It started recently, within the past couple weeks.

The slow audio is also broken.

Basically, they've been rolling out new features without fully testing them. I hate it, and I cancelled my DuoLingo Plus subscription because of it. It's upsetting for me to see such an awesome product going downhill like this.

All I can do at this point, besides posting here and submitting bug reports, is to hope, desperately, that things turn around. I don't like the direction things have been going in lately...they seem to be introducing bugs and glitches far faster than they are fixing them.


The male voices not speaking any slower is DEFINITELY going on with other people and in multiple languages.

Sometimes I get asked a lot less than twenty questions, but usually I think it's because I'm not getting a lot of questions right (read: studying German.)


I've had many bugs as well! I use duolingo only from the computer. I'm getting the same question asked like five times in a row, and sometimes the voice can't be heard at all, even the female one.


I just finished a lesson that had no sound for one of the questions "write what you hear".


Many others have reported similar problems from the Duolingo apps and website. I have not seen a discussion as to when the problems will be resolved.


I have been having the lack of slowed down speech to, you click the turtle and it says the phrase at normal speed again.


I can't open the discussion board of the app on mobile phone. Sometimes I have similar problems. But I have a windows phone, so for me solution for bugs will take a while xD


I have also noticed these problems. I think for me it started early last week.


No sound at all for me...


I've noticed it for German on my iPhone app. I haven't noticed it on other languages


Same problem in the German app, keep getting the same question multiple times in one practice.


Yes, particularly with the man. Just reviewed Adjectives: accusative and when he speaks, it is often impossible to understand him. The slow option is at the same speed as the fast option.


same issue, I do not have the App but on the web site the new bugs are fully evident using a PC.


YES! I have had the same problem ... the male's voice is so fast sometimes I have no idea, even the simple words are slurred and fast... you can't slow it down with that option ... You can slow the woman's voice down a bit. Also the same with repeated questions. Once about 5 times in a row ... Der Junge isst dreiundzwanzig Käfer ... makes me laugh! but not several times in a row!! I stopped doing it on my phone or my iPad because they are not synced ... yes, same account, same password.


Agreed. The man runs his words together it is nearly impossible to understand him without an option to slow him down. Like everyone else here, I have also noticed: 1) The audio sometimes doesn't play, 2) correct and/or sensible answers are often not accepted, 3) the practice courses often repeat a word 3 or 4 times.


Same with me, January 27, 2018. Strengthening lessons ask only 4 questions instead of 20 and when it does ask the usual 20, some questions repeat like 5 or 6 times.

I had a similar bug from Portuguese to English. While doing the strengthening of some of the specific exercises at the end of the tree, it asks not for 20, but 2 questions!

Needless to say, I have to opt for strengthening lessons in general instead. Could reach thousands of points a day if I wanted to.

I'm using the app by the way.


I agree it is much more difficult to comprehend the German spoken by the male. However, with perseverance, I am getting better. Surely this is the point! In real life we will meet native German speakers who speak quickly or with heavy accents.

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