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"Je t'attends chez moi pour le repas."

Translation:I am waiting for you at my place for the meal.

March 17, 2013



this is a very messy sentence in english, would rarely be said like that


Nonetheless correct. Difference is that the French version is very fluent whereas the English version sounds clunky


Why not, I am expecting you at my house for the meal?


That's more of a derived meaning than a literal one.


Well, I read it as an invitation. Reported 'expect'.

[deactivated user]

    "I am waiting at my house for the meal"

    What is wrong with that? "chez-" as I understand it means at someone's house. chez-nous, chez-vous, chez-moi, chez-lui, etc. "Je t'attends" means I am waiting for you. Je - me, attendre - to wait, te - you (as the direct object of the verb).


    Two people does not mean we need to say meals. We can share a meal. It's frequently used in the singular with multiple people.

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