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How do I add games to my club?

I have seen in some clubs some special posts with pictures and the word "PLAY". You have to describe a picture, for example a baby and a cake.

How do I add such games to my club? Do they appear randomly or do I have to do something in order for them to appear?

December 17, 2017



Hi, I am an admin of an Italian club and these games and exercises started appearing in my club recently and previously they did not appear (for the first 2-3 weeks of starting the club). To my knowledge, I have not done anything specific for them to appear. However, they started appearing soon after I decided to start throwing people away from my club who were not practising on regular basis, i.e. after a week of inactivity I removed all the inactive people and when new people joined the club, I told them what the rules were. Not sure if this is just a coincidence or not, but I would suggest try something similar with inactive people who just occupy the space in your club for a few weeks and hopefully the exercises will start appearing in your club too. Best of luck, Anjay


I have the same experience - the games just started showing up out of the blue fairly recently. I keep my club cleaned out, too, but the games are also in another club I belong to, and it only has three (out of 15) active members. So it seems to be something new they slipped in for us (Merry Christmas!).


Unfortunately, the creator(s) of these "games" don't use Duolingo's own guidelines. I had to send ....

  • a bug report for a serious grammar fault

  • an abuse report for a question, that does not follow Duolingo's own Guidelines

Sharing and encouraging others to share personal data might get your post, and possibly your account, removed."

"Tell us about your family"
(Dutch text: Vertel ons over je gezin)

Screenshot club "Dutch for English speakers"


OMG, thank you for this. Exactly the same question appeared recently in my club, I will report it too asap!


Merry Christmas to you too!


I have the same question. I was in a club that had the games, but left it to make a club of my own so I could play with my friends. Now I have a new club, but no games... I would like to ask the Duo people to fix this, but don't really know how. Is there a direct way, or is the idea that we keep "praying" here, and hope someone out there is listening?


I just made a new club, and I’m wondering the same thing! Do they just appear automatically when you have multiple members? Hmmm....


I've been getting these games as well recently. Perhaps it's a new feature that Duolingo never announced...? Maybe we'll get a formal announcement in the coming days.

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