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I just joined and this is perfect!! duolingo Italian Course

Ive been looking for a suitable free website which can teach me lots of languages because i can only speak english. Now i am learning Italian and im 8% fluent! I hope to learn to speak Italian fluently in a month or so. So if anyone you know wants to learn a language, recommend duolingo!!! 10 stars from mee!!!

December 17, 2017



You probably won't learn an entire language fluently within a month. Italian is a level one language from English, which means to become conversational it typically takes ~600 hours of study. So if you're persistent, you could substantial conversational ability probably in a few months.

If you go in expecting to be fluent and find yourself struggling to learn I worry you will give up faster than if you have realistic expectations about what it takes to learn a language. Below is a link that gives a basic idea about how much study it takes to become conversational in a language, based on learning from English. :)



Fluency is not possible with Duolingo. It gives you the basics only. You could, with lots of practice here and elsewhere, be fluent in a year or two maybe. It depends on your own skills with language and amount you practice.

That said, yes, Duolingo is an awesome free program to lean the basics in languages.


Actually, if your fluency rate is low, you can be encouraged to learn more. But WARNING!! Your fluency rate can get lower.


"Speak Italian fluently in a month or so" Oh boy, you are going to be surprised! :-D


Yup, obviously that is perfectly possible. Good luck.

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