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  5. "Bojíme se tohohle stroje."

"Bojíme se tohohle stroje."

Translation:We are afraid of this machine.

December 17, 2017



A few minutes ago, I had this Type What You Hear exercise. My answer - Bojíme se tohohle stroje - was considered incorrect. Curiously, the correct answer given was... "Bojíme se tohohle stroje." There was no Report or Discuss button. When it came around again, I gave the same answer, which this time was accepted.

All to say, MAYBE something is not working properly on the DL side with this one. (Could have just been a glitch on my end, of course.)


Yeah. I doubt it was you. But there is nothing we can do either. We are only able to edit-change the language, variations themselves. Nothing on the technical end.... We can, and do, only report it higher.


"We are frightened of this machine" was not accepted. It is arguably a better translation, using a verb for bojime rather than an adjective.


be afraid / be frightened / be scared, I do not see that much difference grammatically that would make one or the other better translation of bojíme. All are to be + something. I consider the latter two stronger, but I am not a native speaker. I also consider those latter two, as they are actually to be + participles, to be a direct translation of "jsme vystrašení z ...". But that is not a reason to reject them.


I'm native AmE, and "frightened of" works fine, though I suspect it may be used less often then other options like! "afraid of" and "scared of," at least in the US. And I agree with VladaFu that there is nothing that makes it a "better" translation than the one shown at the top of the page. But I believe "frightened of" was added as an acceptable alternative for another exercise, so I've added it here.


does boji me se tohohle stroje really mean something else that it's wrong?


The verb is "bojíme se" (we are afraid), you can't willy nilly add spaces in the middle of words.

"Bojí mě se" would (if the word order wasn't messed up) mean "He's afraid of me".

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