"Casele acestea negre sunt ale nimănui."

Translation:These black houses are nobody's.

December 17, 2017

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Why isn't there a double negation?

Casele acestea negre NU? sunt ale nimănui.

But here there is one ...

Eu NU am nimic


Good question! Really. I don't know if I can explain the difference though. I think "a fi al nimanui" goes deeper then "a NU fi al nimanui", at least for me.
When you say "Casele acestea nu sunt ale nimănui" it means they have no owner.
If you say "Casele acestea sunt ale nimănui" it means that in addition to not having an owner, they are abandoned and desolate, nobody cares about them, nobody wants them, nobody even wants to know about them.

[deactivated user]

    "Casele acestea negre sunt ale nimănui"= " these black houses belong to nobody" To make you understand better I am going to replace " ale nimănui"( nobody's) with " abandonate"(abandoned) so you can see the meaning of " nu sunt ale nimănui".

    " casele acestea negre NU sunt ale nimănui" becomes " casele acestea negre NU sunt abandonate" which means that those houses actually belong to somebody. So, " NU sunt ale nimanui" means that something actually belongs to somebody.

    You could also say" Aceste case negre sunt ale nimanui"=" these black houses belong to no one/ nobody "


    Free houses now that is a Black Friday deal!


    Belong to no one


    casele acestea negre nu sunt ale nimanui. Asa e corect in romana

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