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Spanish Tree is Golden :-)

Hi Guys

I am just so happy that today I finished the Spanish tree. Lo Hice! ;-) Do you have any advice what I should do next? I managed to learn 2600 palabras in this journey :-)

Cheers Brian

December 17, 2017



Congratulations! I'd recommend you to try reading a book in Spanish now, it'll largely increase your vocabulary


I recommend you get some books with parallel text. That means it has spanish on one page, english on the other page. Here is one collection of short stories I particularly like: • Short Stories in Spanish | Cuentos en español Penguin Parallel Text

and more here, (these I don't know). https://www.speakinglatino.com/parallel-text-side-by-side-books-in-spanish/


Congratulations on finishing the Spanish tree! I think you should now try another course, maybe even one taught for Spanish speakers!

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Felicidades! Now you only need a little over 15,000 xp to reach level 25. You might want to try the reverse tree. Lots of new and different words. Buena suerte!!


At level 16? That's quite impressive, did you finish the tree in one go, that is to say, without (long) breaks in between?


No Actually I have been working on it for several months but not regularly. I took it seriously recently though. My Duolingo shows that I am 62% fluent in Spanish. I thought it should be 100% since I thought it would show the percentage of course completed but apparently not.


Nah, the fluency percentage doesn't go much higher than 70%, as a DL course is not aimed at reaching actual fluency levels.


¡Felicitaciones! How long did it take you?


several months. But because of work I was on and off on it.


Do you have any advice what I should do next?

Read the tips in the comments of:


very useful thank you :)


WOW that is so COOL!

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