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1111 Days of French

This was the target I set myself some time ago and where I'm stopping my streak. I like that number. It is symmetrical, palindromic, strobogrammatic, binary, and is F in hexadecimal of that binary. F as in F(INISHED).LOL

I'll hold it there for a few days using streak freeze and then back to 0.

I was hoping to have reached level 25 by now but still got some way to go so I will continue with Duolingo but will be spending more time on additional learning resources.

December 17, 2017






Is the next step : 2222 days???


Alas, no. I'm jumping ship.:-))


Ooooooh, Congratulation.

I want to arrive 111 first!

how is your French now ?


Je peux communiquer avec mes amis et c'est la chose la plus importante.


An average of 17 XP per day. Quite an accomplishment


Congratulations! And thanks for introducing me to a new word, strobogrammatic. Best of luck on your continuing adventures with french.


Congratulations !


Congratulations :-) After 1111 days, what are your strengths? Your weaknesses? What are you going to focus on next?


My conversational French isn't too bad but my written needs a lot of work. The past historic is an alien world to me:-))


PIKACHU!!!! Hey learning French decided I want to talk a diffrent language then pokemon, and guess what ash let me whoop whoop follow me if you like pokemon and me!


Hey BTW any other pokemon around?


That is an amazing streak, Bladerunner1948! Congratulations and I wish you the best in reaching level 25 in the future! :-)


congratulations! #goals




What additional learning resources are you using? Incredible achievement mate! I dont see how you did but knowing its a possibility is motivating. Merci d'avoir partage


I'm using this


in conjunction with this


I subscribe to the latter. It is a little more formal than Duolingo and less forgiving but it is pretty good IMO. It can be trialled free. Also worth doing the initial test to get an idea of your formal level of French. I began as an A2 and have progressed to C1. It is all about repetition.


Congratulations!! That's awesome!


Nice dude! my highest is like 50 haha


I'm at 451 continuous days, at level 21 and 63% fluency. Would be interested in your fluency score after so many streak days!


Somewhat bizarrely, my fluency level has never been more than 54% by Duolingo's calculation. I don't fully understand this and have more or less ignored it. I live in France and 95% of my friends are French. They all comment on how much my French has improved over the last couple of years. I did some tests on another site and my level of French was reckoned to be B2/C1

There may be a correlation between the state of my French Tree and the perceived fluency level. I haven't looked at it since I completed it. For the past year or so all I have been doing is timed practice.

To put it into perspective, my wife has just started using Duolingo and has the same fluency level as me but tested out at A1.


Do you know what I'm trying? I'm trying to get the the best number, 73 because 73 is the 21st prime number. Its mirror (37) is the 12th and its mirror (21) is the product of multiplying 7 and 3. ... In binary, 73 is a palindrome, 1001001 which backwards is 1001001.


wow! that's amazing!


that means you have 111 lingots from your streak alone! what did you do with them?

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