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"Kateřina vůbec není vysoká, ale určitě je vyšší než ty."

Translation:Kateřina is not tall at all, but she is definitely taller than you.

December 17, 2017



"Kateřina is not tall at all, but surely she is taller than you." should be accepted.


My problem is with the phrase, "is not tall at all". Who the heck talks that way?


I would have thought 'Katerina is not tall at all but is definitely taller than you' is correct English, leaving out the redundant 'she' and using the phrase 'tall at all' rather than 'at all tall'. As a native english speaker i find both phrases odd but correct. Incidentally in ireland i have found that the phrase 'at all' generally follows the word or phrase it is referring to.

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