"Are we there yet?"

Translation:Už tam jsme?

December 17, 2017

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If I'm not mistaken (and I might be), "Už tam jsme" was given as the translation for both "Are we there yet?" and "We are already there," in two different exercises.

These sentences have different meanings in English, apart from the fact that one is a question and the other is a statement. Even if you made both of them questions, "Are we there yet?" isn't the same as "Are we already there?"

Can someone please explain how it works in Czech?


It depends on the intonation, simply.

"Už tam jsme?" - Are we there yet?

"Už tam jsme." - We're there already.

As for "Are we already there?", I would actually put that as "To už tam jsme?", which is probably a phrasal way to exhibit surprise.


Maybe can help that Donkey's quote from Shrek

is translated as


What about "ještě tam jsme"


That's 'We're still there.'


Can we say, "Už jsme tam!"? If not why not please?

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