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"Nebydlím v Čechách, ale na Moravě."

Translation:I do not live in Bohemia but in Moravia.

December 17, 2017



I do not live in Czechia but in Moravia ?


No. "Czechia" is the entire country = Czech Republic = Česko.

In contrast, Čechy = Bohemia, the western part of Česko.


I've seen a good explanation in another discussion. I don't recall which one it was, but it was a very similar exercise. As I remember, though the short answer is... Some take "v" and some take "na," and we just need to learn which is which. :-(

= = = UPDATE = = = I found the other discussion! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25816244


This should be accepted: I'm not living in bohemia but in Moravia.


That would be fine on the English side, but one of the Czech natives on the team will have to weigh in on whether it works from the Czech perspective. If it would be acceptable, I will add it.


I have added it.

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