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How do you maintain a long streak?

My longest streak is the one I have now and I need help

December 17, 2017



Do it when you wake up in the morning or when you're about to go to bed. If you pick one of these two then you will make it part of your routine, then you will hopefully do it naturally every day.

[deactivated user]

    Set a lower xp goal. And give yourself some kind of reminder on your device.

    1. How to protect your streak beyond the basics of just equipping a streak freeze.

    2. In the morning, redo one rather easy lesson in a skill that is decayed (colourful instead of gold/yellow)

    3. My favourite method to avoid boring strengthenings


    Honestly, at this point, doing duo every night has become as routine as brushing my teeth. I guess it just becomes a habit.


    Try to set the lowest daily goal, 1xp, do duolingo first thing in the morning, do time practice so if you get one correct answer you meet your goal. If you have more time do more or practice more later on. Try to it at the same time every day so you do not forget.


    Always have a streak freeze in place, (check it regularly in case you use it up without realising) set daily XP to 10, first thing in the morning, and if you're very rushed and tired, do an easy refresh.

    I've been caught out about 3 times, usually when travelling between countries (distracted by needing to catch planes and trains and find the hostel, and generally being offline. Once I swear I did my practice but was caught out by a time zone difference.) Thankfully the streak freeze caught me each time. I'm sure I'll blow it eventually!


    Do it first thing in the morning . I always work backwards from the last lesson that i have learned . Go as far as i can backwords and repeat every day

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